Friday, April 3, 2009

This are techniques shown by stampin Up! each Friday I will post ba different on!

This week we have......

Dry Embossing
1] Secure the Classy Brass template to a light source, such as a light table or a window, with a piece of tape.

2] Rub waxed paper on the surface of the card stock so that the stylus will glide more smoothly and to help prevent tears in your paper.

3] Place the paper or card stock over the template, positioning it so that you'll have the image where you want it. For a raised image on the front of the card, place the paper face down.

4] Using the large end of the stylus tool, press the paper through the open areas of the templates. This produces a raised image.

5] If you want to color the raised image, reposition the brass template over the image on the front side of the card stock. It will act as a mask to protect the flat surfaces around the embossed image. Apply color with a small sponge using Stampin' Pads or Stampin' Pastels.

QUICK TIPMake sure to use the small end of the stylus to emboss small areas or patterns of the design.

Here is the link directly to SU! website so you can see it actually with pictures!!! Its real cool!!


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